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KOL Campaign


November 2021


With an upcoming IDO roadshow, BitHotel was in need of building an engaging community as soon as possible in order to fill their private rounds.

To pair with their In-house marketing initiatives, Digibridge set up an influencer campaign that excelled in driving investors and dedicated community members to BitHotel’s Twitter, Telegram and Discord.
With a week of preparation, and two weeks of execution, Digibridge was able to meet their goals by expanding their influencer reach. Our strategic planning and the utilization of our well-diversified network all contributed to the success of this campaign.

How Digibridge Responded

The Solution: Paid Influencer Outreach – Omnichannel solution

  • Gather important information via the team
  • Gather and track data from the company website and social properties
  • Gather a baseline of stats from all channels
  • Utilize information to create an actionable marketing plan

Off site SEO

  • Managed 20+ people talking about BitHotel 12 hours a day in various high quality groups on Telegram and Twitter
  • Drove narratives and organic conversations

Where we started:

Telegram Members: 5,510
Discord Members: 5,939
Twitter Followers: 17,800

BitHotel Telegram
BitHotel Twitter
BitHotel Discord

Where we ended:

 Discord Members: 8,652
Twitter Followers: 29,400
Telegram Members 10,016

BitHotel Telegram After
BitHotel Twitter After
BitHotel Discord After

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Influencer Posts

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Crypto Yohanis Tweet

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World Crypto Center Tweet
World Crypto Center Tweet

Crypto Slimer Tweets

Crypto Slimer Tweet


We know how hard it can be to stand out in the sea of crypto and NFT projects. But, where there is chaos, our team at Digibridge can create order. Our system is tried and tested for over 20 years and we would love to bridge you to success by any means. Reach out to us if you are looking to be bridged today!