Graphic Design

A dedicated design studio
for blockchain startups

Instead of dealing with unreliable freelancer marketplaces where you have to do all the heavy-lifting, or using slow-moving agencies that can often be expensive, we have built a team that will deliver top-quality results in less time.

We understand the unique challenges of marketing your blockchain venture. We combine Marketing and Design Operations expertise with our experience in the blockchain field, both as advocates and investors as well.

See some of our past work

Hyprr NFT Sneaker NFT View

Cryption Knights NFT View

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Our Graphic Design Services

1. Logo

The landmark for your brand. We aim for the right blend of originality, functionality and design flair.

2. Brand Identity

We build compelling brand narratives that speaks directly to your target customer. The base of any successful, growth-driven company.

3. Brand Strategy

A plan of action around how to achieve your brand goals in the most effective way.

4. NFTs

Making your NFT collection ideas come into form!
We provide graphic + technological solutions for this thriving market.

5. Videos

Animations of any kind for a better understanding of your products and services in an appealing design.

6. Social Media

Stand out from the crowd with impactful graphic content for Social Media.

7. Investor/Pitch Deck

An essential for your business. Showcase your company to investors, partners and leads with amazing presentations.

8. Whitepaper

We create visually compelling and easy to read documents that helps you explain your product and purpose to your target audience.