Case Study


NFT Fractionalization






3 Month Campaign


October 2021


The team over at Nftfy has worked endlessly to build a revolutionary platform that opens the NFT market up to the masses by introducing many features like fractionalization, collective sale, and more! Their continuous focus on expanding the platform took away the energy needed for marketing their services.

Fortunately, they chose Digibridge as their go to marketing agency as they saw a huge need for reducing their overall time and energy spent on marketing.

Since having previously worked with us, they saw double digit growth in their channels, new partnerships, and overall better community sentiment! They were dealing with a community that lost momentum and confidence, it was our goal to bring that excitement back and create a market of our own.

The Story of Nftfy

After raising funds in their successful IDO round, Nftfy launched in May 2021 on both the Ethereum and Binance smart chain. They created their platform with the ambition to democratize access to NFT ownership through the use of fractionalization, collective sales, and other features that allow high-ticket NFTs to be sold to the masses for the first time ever.

These innovative features weren’t easy to build and took many months of work to actualize. In an industry where high ticketed NFTs are sought after, those who do not have the funds to pay for the full NFT can now own fractions and, as a result, create a never-before-seen market. Since their launch, fractionalization has begun to gain some traction, and the opportunity for Nftfy to change the game is even greater than before.

We have been able to open up a lot of opportunities through our interviewing processes and formed many partnerships for Nftfy that weren’t made possible before. This included guest AMA appearances in different communities, videos made about Nftfy, as well as community held giveaway’s!

The “Challenge” or “Opportunity” of Nftfy:

  • Lack of community sentiment/ engagement.
  • Lack of marketplace inventory.
  • Lack of a long-term, data-driven marketing system.
  • Lack of marketing guidance and overall strategy.
  • Generating buzz for their upcoming micro/macro campaigns and events.

When we started there were 36 NFT’s listed on their marketplace. We saw an increase of 33% of new NFT’s listed on their platform from partners and other third parties.

Why Nftfy Chose Digibridge:

Our team over at Digibridge were contacted by Nftfy back in August as they were interested in our all-in-one, long-term solutions and services.

They discovered us by word of mouth and scheduled a consultation with us within the day. We recognized the fact that they were first movers in a very new market. We had to do more than marketing, we had to create a market, educate the community, build relationships.

Data is taken from a period of July 20th to October 17th. Black arrow signifies when we started our campaign. Prior organic impressions were averaging 700-3500 impressions per day on select tweets. With our efforts we averaged 5,000-10,000 organic impressions per day.

How Digibridge Responded:

The Solution – we created organic – omnichannel solution

  • Gather important information via questionnaires from the team.
  • Gather and track data from the company website and social properties.
  • Gather a baseline of stats from all channels.
  • Utilize information to create an actionable marketing plan.

Action plan
(The Digibridge Effect):

After initial research, meetings with the Nftfy team and approval of our marketing plan, we began creating and implementing a custom four-phase marketing plan within less than two weeks of onboarding their company which included:

Phase 1 – Educating the Audience
Phase 2 – Moving their Communities to Discord
Phase 3 – Inventory Drive
Phase 4 – Creating, implementing, and executing events and micro campaigns


The Results

1. 35% increase in Discord members over a period of 3 months.
2. 14x increase on their Twitter impressions organically.
3. 33% increase in the amount of NFT’s listed on their marketplace.
4. 15+ community members and partners interviewed, qualified, and guided on organically sharing news and creating more exposure for NFTFY.
5. Increased community sentiment and chat activity.

Data is taken from a period of July 20th to October 17th. Engagement rates were reaching on average .7% to 2% from July to the end of September. With our efforts we increased our average engagement rates in the ranges of 5% to 9% per day!