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There’s a reason you’re here. You spend time wondering why your website isn’t being found. You worry about diminishing traffic on your website. You want to ramp up business quickly for your crypto or NFT website.

We hear this often from our SEO clients who contact Digibridge Marketing Agency. If any of these pain points sound familiar, know you came to the right crypto SEO agency.

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Here’s an Analytics snapshot for a client we’ve been working with since April 2020. Their website has been live for years…what looks flat in early 2020 is merely imperceptible numbers (tens of visits) compared to the spike that happened in June. Organic search also accounts for nearly half of their search traffic now, compared to 1.6% the year prior, when paid search generated 87% of their website traffic.



Don’t get lost in a sea of competition. Stay on top of the search results with a SEO strategy and plan that maximizes your traffic and conversions.

1. Optimize Search (Locally, Nationally or Globally)
2. Tune Site Speed
3. Manage Google My Business
4. Implement Citations and Optimize
5. Create and Place Content
6. Onsite and Offsite SEO
7. Backlinks
8. Monthly Reporting



Our proven Technical SEO Service provides the tools and systems necessary to scale your Crypto SEO and SEO Marketing Success.

1. Complete Analysis – including Backlinks, Competitive Landscape, and Website
2. Website Migrations
3. Markup Schema
4. Optimize Images
5. Content and Backlink Strategies



Analytics is included with all our SEO services. If you want to purchase a la carte Analytics Services, we specialize in the following:

1. Google Analytics
2. Google Tag Manager
3. User Demographic, Affinity and Behavior Data
4. Professional Data Analysis, Reporting and Actionable Insights

Our process to bridge you to Crypto SEO success

1. Conduct Consultation

Our Proven SEO Marketing Consultants meet with you, learn your digital marketing needs and goals, and begin formulating your winning SEO strategy

2. Perform Site Audit

Our proven SEO Specialists use the top software to dive deep into your website to audit and analyze content, analytics, keywords, ranking, linking, toxic backlinks and more, and create a prioritized action plan that will deliver verifiable results.

3. Perform Deep Analysis of Competition and Environment

Our experienced SEO Specialists analyze your competition and environment to uncover opportunities to evolve content, increase rankings, acquire market share, and increase the power of your value proposition. It is not uncommon for our SEO Specialists to uncover SEO opportunities that increase market share and traffic by double digits during this step.

4. Conduct Expert Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the most important steps of the SEO process. Knowing what high-quality data to use when building the targeted keyword lists that guide your SEO is critical to ensure you have the correct keywords that provide the highest traffic and conversion rate at the lowest cost per conversion. We are masters of research and building precision-targeted keyword lists that consistently deliver top SEO ranking and ROI.

5. Create Keyword, Content and Backlink Plan

After reviewing all of your data, our SEO Specialists create a keyword, content and backlink mapping plan that ensures you will have the most dramatic and profitable results from your SEO Service.

6. Implementation

After approval, our SEO Specialists implement your SEO Plan, which includes onsite and offsite actions. All changes are recorded and results are tracked.

7. Actively Monitor and Tune SEO

Our SEO Specialists monitor your website with Google Analytics and Search Console to uncover new opportunities and issues that need tuned. We actively monitor your data to ensure you’re expertly positioned for success.

8. Tune SEO Plan Based on Data

Our SEO Experts use your data to continuously tune your SEO campaign to further maximize your traffic and conversions. The refinement stage of your SEO plan based on data ensures that you thrive in the constantly changing environment in which your website and company operates.

9. Evolve Content Based on Data

As data comes in, our SEO Specialists uncover more opportunities for content to increase your market share and ROI. We will create high-quality, strategic content that will keep your site fresh, drive continuous traffic, and maximize conversion and profits.

10. Evaluation, Reporting and Data-Based Tuning

Our SEO specialists will routinely evaluate your campaign’s performance, create reports with recommendations, and act on approved recommendations. We provide monthly reports that detail website ranking movements and other SEO service actions such as content creation, placement, and backlinks. Your SEO campaigns are continuously monitored, tuned, and reported on monthly to ensure a professional, five-star SEO service experience for all of our clients.