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Our goal is to not become service providers, but strategic partners.

We started with a mission to turn dreams into reality for crypto and NFT projects. Working alongside them to help scale and future proof their marketing systems. With decades of combined marketing and Web3 experience, know that you will be in good hands working with us.

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Our disciplined and professional team works alongside you every step of the way. Our experience has depth, and we’re determined to optimize profitability for each client through our proven system that yields predictable results.

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NFTFY is a decentralized application that provides the fractionalization of Non-Fungible Tokens. We ran a 3 month campaign with key tasks involving driving more NFT inventory on their marketplace, increasing community sentiment & engagement, as well as growing their Discord community.
Bit Hotel is a social-first play 2 earn NFT gaming metaverse. We ran a 1 month campaign with key tasks to build up buzz around their upcoming IDO roadshow, Increase influencer engagement and exposure, and help grow their community.
Cook Finance is a transparent and flexible DeFi Index platform supporting multiple chains. We ran a 2 week campaign with key tasks to create and manage a full scope AMA campaign in less than a week, connect them with quality organic AMA groups within Telegram, and generate buzz around their Avalanche launch!
Torum is a revolutionary SocialFi (Social + DeFi + NFT) Metaverse ecosystem designed to connect worldwide cryptocurrency users. We ran a 2 month campaign aimed to creating and implementing a full scope influencer campaign in less than two weeks, manage information flow between influencers with the latest news being promoted, and sourcing high quality influencers for a 2 month period.
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